Ami Smith - Bi-Fork Association & FBC Woodson

TW-Light MinistriesĀ truly did a wonderful job with leading us to the throne!Ā 

The women at the Bi-Fork Association's Abide Conference deepened their relationship with Jesus and others through the activities, worship, prayer and Bible study.

For me personally, it was such a sweet time of rest and refreshment. It allowed me to get outside of my normal routine and focus on Jesus and others more intentionally. God spoke clearly to me that HeĀ IS using me, and He still hears our prayers!

The time together specifically asking the ladies what theyĀ needed prayer for and praying with them was so special to me. I felt the Holy Spirit working all in that place!

My favorite part was watching the walls fall away as the ladies worshipped and participated in the activitiesĀ (that were outside of most everyone's comfortĀ zone).

I would highly recommend TW-Light Ministries to anyone for an event. They brought Jesus into the room with them and you couldn't help but be moved by the Spirit through their activities, teachings, and testimonies. God is definitely using their ministries in mighty ways as He did through the Abide Conference. We will definitely be planning another event with thisĀ ministry in the future!