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Dena Meyers - FBC Bellville

What a God-send, interruption, divine appointment, was my first encounter with TW-Light Ministries!  My phone rings. I hear “we have you on speaker, Dena…” intro to Trish Wilson…ummm, okay. 

 Our One Day Refresh was exactly that!  Refreshing!  “Just what I needed.”  “I absolutely loved it!”  “What a blessing!”  “What a connection I made with others and reconnection with God!”  “Thank you!”  “Great job!”  “When can we do this again???”  A warm hand on my arm from a soft spoken friend that smiled and said, “Oh, that was soooo good!  Thank you for doing it!”

 I discovered through some of the activities that there were ladies (some older/some younger) that had the same concerns I have. I always seem to think that I’m unique in that “Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen!” You’ve heard it.  You’ve said it yourself!  It’s wonderful to find that there is sage advice and common ground to build friendships!

My favorite part is when I sit back and see, literally see, HOW God orchestrated the entire event…WOW!!  I should always stop and pause long enough to enjoy His handiwork!! 

From 1st meeting, to their TW-Light mission, to how God calls each to a specific event, to the logistics on my end, to sweet friends that provide, step in, attend and pray over the event…each detail. God is in it!!

This was, thankfully, a No Brainer for us!!  I had an exhausted budget and this is at NO COST!!  “No brainer, please come!!” 

If I could stand on a stage with a microphone and yell it as loud as I could possibly yell (I’m a former Elementary PE teacher so…), I would say this is a Godly group of ladies, following God's leading, and you would be BLESSED BEYOND MEASURE if you have them for an event you are planning!  

What a hoot that God allowed our paths to cross!  They have such varied personalities, stories, struggles, testimonies…BTW, JUST like all of us!  God is so good, all the time!

 We plan on making this a regular fall event for the ladies of our church and community.  After that, we will just see where God leads!!

Thanks for your prayers!  I will stay in touch.